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Buy Droid X On Sale For Free–The Best Droid X Deal Available

Buy A Free Droid X With Free Shipping

Buy Droid X For Free--Get Multiple Droid Xs For Free

This Free Droid X Deal Continues

The Droid X deals are getting even crazier thanks to Amazon. Amazon Wireless currently has one of the best Droid X sales going. Using Amazon’s site, you can purchase a Droid X for a penny when you either sign up for a new two-year service plan with Verizon, OR extend a current service plan, OR sign up for a new Verizon Wireless family plan. To outfit each member of a family of five with five Droid Xs it could cost more than $1000 at a local retailer. Instead, you can shop through Amazon Wireless and score five Droid Xs on sale for your entire family, paying only five cents total for the Droid X phones! Amazon Wireless will also ship your new Droid X phones to your home (or wherever) for free with two-day shipping.

Give your mother, or the mother of your children, the gift of a Droid X on Mother’s Day—there’s no reason she should be using an outdated phone when a deal like this is available!

The Droid X has one of the largest touchscreen displays found on any Android phone, a 4.3” display perfect for multimedia, gaming, and all kinds of other apps. This makes the Motorola Droid X great for keeping your schedule and contacts in one place and always accessible. The 4.3” display also makes the Droid X an excellent replacement for an old GPS system: the Droid X’s GPS system syncs with Google Navigation for an efficient and free way of navigating while on the go. And the Droid X’s large screen makes the Droid X the best phone to have when you killing time. There’s thousands of games to download from the Android Marketplace—whether you’re into card games, arcade games, Angry Birds, whatever—you can keep up with the news using some of the many news applications available for free, check email, surf the internet, stay informed about the weather, read ebooks, and on and on…

The Droid X is still one of the fastest phones available to wireless customers. I’ve not experienced any significant performance lag with the Droid X. In fact, the Droid X I’ve used feels just as any other Android phone on the market. This phone definitely comes highly recommended.

Buying a Droid X through Amazon has never been easier or cheaper. To get this awesome Droid X deal you have to buy a Droid X online through Amazon—you won’t deals on the Droid X like this one in a store. And with free two-day shipping, there’s no reason to not buy a Droid X online. So get your free Droid X today while this awesome Droid X sale is still on over at Amazon!


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Motorola Droid X2 Coming Soon, With Faster Processor and Improved Touchscreen?

The Motorola Droid X

Upgraded Droid X--Droid X2--Coming Soon?

Leaks Speculate On Upgraded Droid X

Is Motorola working on a replacement to the Droid X?

According to various leaks, Motorola is developing the next iteration of the Droid X phone. This upgraded Droid X, currently dubbed the Droid X2 (or Droid squared?), should be released sometime toward the end of Q2 2011–perhaps this coming June?

A Droid X2 launch sometime in June definitely makes sense. The Droid X was released July of 2010, and the speed of innovation in wireless technology is so rapid that phones even 6 to 12 months old–like the Droid X–are considered obsolete. That’s not to say the Droid X currently being sold is a poorly performing phone. In fact, the current Droid X is probably the fastest, most able 3G phone on Verizon’s network you can get at this time, plus it’s sold for free by online wireless retailers like Amazon and Wirefly.

But as we depend on our phones more and more, manufacturers must adapt or be left behind. So the updated Droid X will likely come with a faster processor, more RAM, and perhaps a higher resolution touchscreen. Some speculators expect the Droid X2 to have the highly anticipated 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, whereas others expect a more cost-friendly 1.2 GHz single-core processor.

Perhaps the Droid X2 could even be made a global phone, as was done with the Droid 2?

And it definitely looks like the Droid X2 will be a 3G phone–no 4G capabilities included.

This same process happened with the Motorola Droid to Droid 2 upgrade: Motorola will develop hardware upgrades for a phone to keep pace with current technology and user demands, without losing the cachet of a phone’s brand and success. This allows Motorola to maintain its position in the high-end 3G smartphone market on Verizon’s network with the Droid X2, and at the same time provides Motorola the luxury of devoting a modicum of resources to maintaining this position so that it can devote more time and money to the emerging 4G market.

So what do you think? Do you find the Droid X lacking in performance? Are you interested in an upgrade to the Droid X2? What would it take to pique your interest?

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Free Motorola Droid X Sales – Now Through Monday

Free Motorola Droid X

Buy a Free Motorola Droid X

Get A Free Motorola Droid X While Sales Last

The premier Android smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network is being given away for free by multiple online retailers.

Two online wireless retailers—Amazon Wireless and—are are both giving away free Motorola Droid X’s when you sign up for a two-year service agreement with Verizon Wireless.

Getting a free Motorola Droid X online through either of these two online retailers is easy. In fact, speaking with a customer service representative is not even necessary—even if you need to sign up for a new service plan! Amazon and Wirefly both make it easy to create and configure your own Verizon Wireless service plan right from their respective sites.

Buying your free Droid X online also saves you a trip to your local retailer. Rather than waiting in lines, and rather than dealing with crowds, you can buy your new Droid X from home, plus have it sent to your home with free shipping.

To sum up:

Shop from home ✓
Save gas ✓
No crowds ✓
Free Droid X
Free shipping

Check out Amazon’s Droid X page, and Wirefly’s Droid X page, while these Droid X sales last. Buy a free Droid X today! Wirefly‘s Droid X deal ends Monday!


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