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Buy Droid X On Sale For Free–The Best Droid X Deal Available

Buy A Free Droid X With Free Shipping

Buy Droid X For Free--Get Multiple Droid Xs For Free

This Free Droid X Deal Continues

The Droid X deals are getting even crazier thanks to Amazon. Amazon Wireless currently has one of the best Droid X sales going. Using Amazon’s site, you can purchase a Droid X for a penny when you either sign up for a new two-year service plan with Verizon, OR extend a current service plan, OR sign up for a new Verizon Wireless family plan. To outfit each member of a family of five with five Droid Xs it could cost more than $1000 at a local retailer. Instead, you can shop through Amazon Wireless and score five Droid Xs on sale for your entire family, paying only five cents total for the Droid X phones! Amazon Wireless will also ship your new Droid X phones to your home (or wherever) for free with two-day shipping.

Give your mother, or the mother of your children, the gift of a Droid X on Mother’s Day—there’s no reason she should be using an outdated phone when a deal like this is available!

The Droid X has one of the largest touchscreen displays found on any Android phone, a 4.3” display perfect for multimedia, gaming, and all kinds of other apps. This makes the Motorola Droid X great for keeping your schedule and contacts in one place and always accessible. The 4.3” display also makes the Droid X an excellent replacement for an old GPS system: the Droid X’s GPS system syncs with Google Navigation for an efficient and free way of navigating while on the go. And the Droid X’s large screen makes the Droid X the best phone to have when you killing time. There’s thousands of games to download from the Android Marketplace—whether you’re into card games, arcade games, Angry Birds, whatever—you can keep up with the news using some of the many news applications available for free, check email, surf the internet, stay informed about the weather, read ebooks, and on and on…

The Droid X is still one of the fastest phones available to wireless customers. I’ve not experienced any significant performance lag with the Droid X. In fact, the Droid X I’ve used feels just as any other Android phone on the market. This phone definitely comes highly recommended.

Buying a Droid X through Amazon has never been easier or cheaper. To get this awesome Droid X deal you have to buy a Droid X online through Amazon—you won’t deals on the Droid X like this one in a store. And with free two-day shipping, there’s no reason to not buy a Droid X online. So get your free Droid X today while this awesome Droid X sale is still on over at Amazon!


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Report: 300,000 Android Devices Being Activated Daily; Increase In Tablet Activations To Follow?

Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy S Create Massive Spikes In Activations

According to this article, around 300,000 Android devices are activated daily across the globe. Consumers in the US, Europe, and East Asia account for most activations. Now that Google’s Android OS has led other mobile OS developers in market share for months now, it’s obvious that, at 300,000+ activations daily across the globe, the other developers have a lot of catching up to do.

Watch this video for a geographical representation of Android activations from early 2009 to the present:

Activations clearly spike upon the releases of the Motorola Droid (October-November 2009) and the Samsung Galaxy S phones (June 2010). This is no surprise, as the Motorola Droid set off Android’s popularity in the US marketplace, and Samsung’s Galaxy S series was a well-designed platform tailored to the capabilities of wireless carriers across the globe.

The video also demonstrates the power of a few well-implemented ideas: 1) Google’s idea to create an open OS for use by all cell phone manufacturers; 2) Motorola’s success in designing the Motorola Droid to be a phone capable of competing against the iPhone, rather than a phone that simply emulated the iPhone; 3) Verizon’s success in marketing its Droid line as a viable alternative to customers in the US.

The evolution of Android has been fun to observe. 2011 promises a new wave of Android devices in direct competition with Apple’s iPad—so will there be a similar video for Android tablet activations a year from now?


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Motorola Droid and Droid X Software Updates Available: How To Install

Motorola Droid Software Update Available

Droid X and Droid System Maintenance

Various tech sites are reporting that the original Motorola Droid and the Motorola Droid X will soon begin receiving system updates.

The system updates to the Droid and Droid X will bring increased stability to the phones, along with various updates to integral features.

The Motorola Droid software update will include an update to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, a new Gmail interface, along with a Amazon widget, News & Weather widget, and an updated Twitter app.

The Motorola Droid X software update adds stability to Android 2.2 Froyo, enhancements to Flash Player, improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Visual Voice Mail, MP3 playback support, the Weather widget, video playback, along with other minor tweaks.


How to Update the Motorola Droid

According to instructions provided by Verizon, your Droid’s battery needs to be charged to at least 40% of capacity.

The Motorola Droid will notify you when the system update is available. Press “Install Now” to begin installation.

The Motorola Droid will power off, turn back on, and the update will begin.

Check out Verizon’s complete instructions on updating the Motorola Droid here.


The Motorola Droid X Gets A System Update Today

How to download and install the Droid X software update

How to Update the Motorola Droid X

You can choose to either find the update and install it now, or you will be automatically notified of the system update later.

Follow these easy steps to manually initiate the software upgrade on your Droid X:

  1. Tap Menu from the main menu/homescreen
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. Tap System updates
  5. Tap Download (downloading the system update could take 10-60 minutes)
  6. Tap Install Now
  7. Tap OK when the software installation has finished

If you’d prefer to wait to have the Droid X automatically update itself, tap Install when you’re informed the System Update is ready. Then click Install Now once the system update has downloaded.

To view Verizon’s instructions on updating your Motorola Droid X, read the PDF provided here.



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