Free Motorola Droid X Sales – Now Through Monday

Free Motorola Droid X

Buy a Free Motorola Droid X

Get A Free Motorola Droid X While Sales Last

The premier Android smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network is being given away for free by multiple online retailers.

Two online wireless retailers—Amazon Wireless and—are are both giving away free Motorola Droid X’s when you sign up for a two-year service agreement with Verizon Wireless.

Getting a free Motorola Droid X online through either of these two online retailers is easy. In fact, speaking with a customer service representative is not even necessary—even if you need to sign up for a new service plan! Amazon and Wirefly both make it easy to create and configure your own Verizon Wireless service plan right from their respective sites.

Buying your free Droid X online also saves you a trip to your local retailer. Rather than waiting in lines, and rather than dealing with crowds, you can buy your new Droid X from home, plus have it sent to your home with free shipping.

To sum up:

Shop from home ✓
Save gas ✓
No crowds ✓
Free Droid X
Free shipping

Check out Amazon’s Droid X page, and Wirefly’s Droid X page, while these Droid X sales last. Buy a free Droid X today! Wirefly‘s Droid X deal ends Monday!


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